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I've got a great idea.  Let's take models from the static

confines of an indoor studio, give them a crash course

in free diving and 30-second breath holds, dive down 20 feet to the Pacific Ocean's pristine, not yet fully plastic-polluted, beautiful, and seamless desert sand vista, full of space, texture, refracted and distorted sunshine, and see if we can come up with unique stories of unguarded, candid, slightly uncomfortable human experiences from inside the Deep Blue.

It started off much simpler than that, but I feel like the journey has just begun.  I would have been happy to grab anyone who was game for the physical challenge of managing pressure, high carbon dioxide levels, and a tad bit of feigned composure, but instead, I have had the good fortune of working with some incredibly talented and skillful free divers and models. This year, I have several themes planned for the ocean floor, and I am hopeful the proceeds of selling and marketing my photography can at least go in part to making sure my aquatic studio stays clean and healthy by way of contributing to both the Surfrider and Ocean Conservancy organizations.

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